Remote Work Manual

Learn to work from anywhere.

Entrepreneurs tend to like things done in a very particular way. That can make working from anywhere outside of our preferred work area really tough.

When my husband started working from home due to Covid-19 restrictions, I noticed that the transition from his corporate office was really difficult. I also started to see a lot of people struggling with their new remote work life.

A 2020 Stanford University study estimated that about 42% of the US workforce worked from home at the height of the shutdowns, and most of them still are at some level. Instead of leaving their sink full of dirty dishes behind them for the day, a large number of Americans now see the mess in the corner of their eye all day long. People have been forced to learn how to work in an unfamiliar area, typically coupled with a host of distractions and challenges, which have the potential to leave any of us frustrated and less successful. However, if done correctly, working from home can actually increase productivity.

That need to help people learn how to succeed in a work-from-home environment sparked the creation of our Remote Work Manual. 

Thanks to over 10 years of remote work experience, I knew that the first thing my family members needed to do when we went into quarantine was to create custom work zones that suited each of our family members. Without intentional actions, being productive while we work remotely can be nearly impossible.  

How has working remotely been going?
Here are my tips and tricks to being productive wherever you’re working nowadays

If you’d like to know how to work from anywhere by creating a custom work space, learn to manage communication, and mitigate distractions then I suggest downloading our free manual. 

All the best!

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