Move-In & Move-Out Checklist

A picture is worth a thousand words.

Move In Move Out checklist pierce county washington

And if it accompanies a tenant walkthrough checklist it could be worth a lot more!

There is a lot more to finding a tenant than just showing them the unit and handing over keys. Under Washington State law, landlords can be required to complete a property inspection before tenants move in and when they move out if they want to retain any of the security deposit to repair damages. Each area of the house should have a section to indicate both the move-in and move-out conditions.

Move-In Walk Through

The move-in checklist is an organized way to keep an accurate record of the property’s condition prior to the tenant taking responsibility. The condition of each room should be thoroughly documented along with photos as proof.

Before a tenant moves into a property professional services such as cleaning and repairs should be done. For single-family residential properties, the tenants are typically responsible for the yard upkeep too so the front and back should also be photographed and documented.

Move-Out Walk Through

Once the tenant has given notice that they’re going to be moving out the move-in walkthrough should be reviewed. Once they have moved out, but before the security deposit is returned, there should be a thorough review of the move-in report to make note of any damage. 

Taking proper care of the people and properties that depend on you starts with having the proper systems and processes in place so you can eliminate wasted time. 

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