Why I Mix Business With Pleasure

I’ve heard it said that mixing business and pleasure is a bad idea.

Business with pleasure

It’s Surprising To Me That So Many People Have A Personal Policy To Not Work With Friends And Family. When The Topic Comes Up In Conversation The Common Concern Is About The Relationship Being Ruined. Maybe Their Obnoxious Cousin, Shelly, Can’t Help But Pitch Her New MLM, Which Ruins The Family Gatherings.

Over the years I’ve grappled with those concerns too and I’ve even had difficult conversations explaining why I don’t think partnering with someone is a wise choice but here is why I work with friends and family as often as possible:

There is no need to feel awkward!

You already remember each other’s names. You already know each other’s preferences, and there is no need to impress each other or feel silly asking questions. You’re just talking to your friend!

Communication is seamless.

Balancing work and personal life can be a bit of a hassle, but I love what I do, so chatting about real estate in social settings isn’t an issue for me. We already know each other’s preferred form of communication, and what is reasonable for everyone involved. Sometimes people will apologize for asking real estate questions when we are just hanging out with our kids, but truly, it’s no bother. I’m probably thinking about real estate anyways.

The custom service is ideal!

I love having friends know me well enough to notify me of something that might serve me or my family. Typically, I live real life with the people I work with, and my friends are able to educate me on services that I may need but didn’t even know were an option.

I get to celebrate with my friends when they reach milestones.

There is nothing better than helping and seeing someone I love and care for succeed.

Honestly, working with friends is my favorite. In fact, most clients that are referred to me end up becoming friends! Sometimes it’s not a great fit, and that’s okay. But after years of practice, I have been able to navigate the bumps in the road and keep the relationship intact. You know that old saying, “communication is key”? It’s so true! Being able to communicate your needs clearly is so important to any professional or personal relationship. Find out the questions I ask myself BEFORE I decide to work with a friend or family member.

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