How To Sell A Home- Getting Started

Selling or buying real estate can come with a lot of headaches.

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Those headaches can quickly turn into a real migraine once you start thinking about the laundry list of to-dos. I’m dedicated to guiding you through how to sell or buy real estate without losing your mind.It IS a lot of work to sell a home top dollar. Knowing where to start can be super overwhelming if you don’t do this every day. But fortunately, we do. The truth is that overwhelm does not need to be a part of the process. I want to completely eliminate the overwhelm and frustration of selling your property and/or buying your new home. Let’s create a plan that will help you save thousands of dollars and eliminate the headaches when reaching your goal.

Three steps to eliminating overwhelm:

1- Analyze your goals

2- Create a custom strategy

3- Execute and see results

sellers checklist
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Analyze your goals

No one knows your circumstances better than you. Do you want to sell a home or rent it out? What is it that you want? Ideally, where will you be once this transaction is done? Why are you wanting to make this move? How will you know which property is THE property? The general market affects the value of your real estate investment, and your specific goals should be taken into consideration too. 

Understanding and writing down your needs and wants is the best way to assure you stay on track. There are a lot of questions to ask when selling and buying a new home so knowing how to filter through the questions to find which will actually move the needle is important. Honestly assess your answers to these questions and use your answers to create a clear path forward in Step 2. If it’s difficult for you to answer these questions then I would suggest speaking to a licensed agent that you trust.

Create a custom strategy

Once you know what your overall goals are, how will you get there? What is your next action item? First and foremost, find a real estate professional you can trust to guide you. A custom timeline that is created around your specific goals will give you the leverage to get what you want, where you want, and for the price you want. Here are some key prompts to creating your strategy:

– Ideal Timeline

– Budget

– Top 5 Needs & Wants

Execute and see results

After you have your strategy, this is where it gets real. Your agent will use the road map you designed in Step 2 to create a timeline and provide immediate next steps along with an overview of the entire transaction.

Your real estate agent should be your advocate, so working with someone you trust and who can help guide you is so important.

sellers checklist

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