Curb Appeal That Sells

Curb appeal that sells

Not all curb appeal is created equal. Curb appeal is the impression someone gets when they are on the curb and looking at your property, and curb appeal that sells is very important.

Although HGTV has opened the eyes of future homeowners to the possibility of a diamond in the ruff, as a seller you will want to appeal directly toward your target demographic in order to get the highest return on investment. The number of tips and tricks to getting your house ready to sell can be overwhelming, so we’ve created this simple guide to help you focus your efforts on the items that will get you the biggest bang for your buck.

Catch Their Eye

First things first: put on your buyer’s hat. For the next few moments, you are no longer the homeowner. If you want to sell, you need to think like a buyer!

Now, mosey across the street and look back at your property. What is the first thing your eye is drawn to? 

Is the mailbox falling off its post? 

Do you have a beautiful front door? 

Or how about the furniture and plants, how are those looking?

The goal here is to highlight the good and touch up the bad. If nothing stands out to you in a good way, then make something stand out! Even just a simple flower pot with a pop of color will draw the eye and make people want to see more.

Create Symmetry

Symmetry is an age-old design trick that is the simplest way to create something appealing. If you have something on one side of your door I’d encourage you to consider duplicating it on the other side.

In the sample photograph notice the hedges lining both sides of the stairs. This creates balance and draws buyers toward your door. At my own house, I have two big black pots on either side of my teal front door. I change our the flowers every year. One year, I even put beautiful chocolate tomatoes. It was beautiful AND delicious!

Windows, Fixtures, and Doorways

It can be easy to pass through our days unaware that one of three light bulbs is out, or that the leaves have gathered in that corner again. My big oversight is spider webs. Josh, my husband, has walked through two spider webs in doorways over the past week. So guess what we’re doing this weekend…that’s right, we’re taking a broom to all of the outdoor areas. Getting the windows, fixtures, and doorways dusted off and wiped down won’t cost us a penny but it makes a big impact on curb appeal. A clean home, inside and out, is the fastest way to get curb appeal that sells.


Depending on how much room you have, a good rule of thumb is to think “Less is more” at your entryway. Planters and seasonal décor are cute, but no one enjoys an abundance laying around the front porch.

My assistant is constantly battling with her family not to use their lovely, covered front porch as a storage for bikes and such. If this is your family’s habit, too, clear it out. Then set the boundary that while the house is on the market everyone is expected to have a place for everything, and everything in its place.

Increasing your curb appeal is not only for you to draw buyers in for a look. It also allows you to enjoy your property more when you are there. It increases the entire feel of the home and property. Simple and clean is typically the most appealing and attractive to any eye.

Do these simple tasks to give your home curb appeal that sells, and get your beautiful home noticed for the gem it truly is. Want some more inspiration? Check out this fun post with lots of DIY ideas to give your home’s exterior that extra pop.

Sometimes a first impression is all you’ll get, so make it count!

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