Confessions Of A Real Estate Agent

This industry can be complicated, energy-sucking, and emotional.

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When boiled down and distilled to its core, my job is to serve. Thankfully, I learned from my parents at a very young age that my job as a real estate broker is to listen, guide, and support my clients.

Here are three truths about any trustworthy real estate agent:

Confession #1: We’re straightforward because we care.

Blunt, curt, and straightforward are some of the labels I’ve been given over the years, and I’ve learned to take all of these as compliments! Here are some of the hard truths I’ve had to speak with clients about: 

  • The smell is a problem. 
  • Restricting showings to only 6 p.m. and later will probably double the days on market. 
  • The price is too high.
  • It’s not the lighting in the picture. Navy blue carpets do clash with purple walls.

A good agent will tell you the truth about your property. Always. We will do it as gently and professionally as possible, but we will not lie to you to get a listing. It’s not in your best interest or in ours. We care about you. So we’ll speak the truth.

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Confession #2: It’s your journey, we’re just invited to ride along.

As much as we do care, we cannot care more about your situation than you do. I’ve had to learn this the hard way. My job is to help you see what matters to you, and come alongside you to make it happen. But you steer the ship.

Every person and every transaction has its special circumstances, so I strive to pull those out, name them, and put them on a timeline. Some common needs are a fast sale, a certain amount of money, or to nurture someone towards their real estate goal for years. No matter the circumstance, my job is to partner with you and ride along through the process to make it as smooth of a journey as possible.

Confession #3: Every day is a constant reviewing of priorities.

Missed family dinners, missed birthday parties, and long weekends. Tethered to a cell phone, working late evenings, and up for early morning emails, calls, and paperwork. All of these are a normal part of my life. I’ve stood outside countless events on the phone with a client while my husband manages our life so that my service and your outcome comes to fruition. And I don’t regret it for an instant. 

I love my family. I love my work. The two are not mutually exclusive. 

It does mean that I am constantly assessing my priorities on a daily—sometimes hourly—basis. So if you see me kissing my kids as I shuffle them onto the ball field while negotiating on the phone with another agent to come to agreement on a sale, know that I am living my best life. 

I choose this Every. Single. Day.

I choose to embrace my straight forward personality.

I choose to join people on their roller coasters to make it as smooth of a ride as possible.

I choose to show my kids that their mom loves her job and serves people.

Every day.

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